3D basics: modeling, texturing, animating, 2018


This project was part of my BA studies @ HAWK Hildesheim. After having learned some basics, I modeled this submarine, inspired by Type VII, which was being used in the second world war. (After having read the book U977 - 66 days under water I was very fascinated by this machine, which had such an intensive impact on so many lives). As result I created an animation, a real-life scenery in the ocean and a white rendering. 


  • Research: Gathering material of submarines and identifying special indicators that represent different models
  • Key questions: Do I want the submarine to represent a model or be a mix of different ones?  - mix. What scenery do I want to present it in? - underwater (what a surprise :) ). What does it look like in action? - Making bubbles whilst moving through a cave
  • Sketches: Creating a rough idea of its look, scale, elements and texture
  • Modelling: First creating the overall form and outline, then going into detail and creating key elements, such as the gun on top. Planning which elements need to be animated and therefore are seperate from the overall body
  • Texturing: Gathering HD textures for rust, metal and scrabs and using them to create bump-maps to accurately add value to the submarine
  • Lighting & Rendering of Stills: Finding the right shot and rendering it via multi-pass
  • Post-Editing with Photoshop: Making use of the multi-pass rendering I edited the different channels to finalize the still renderings
  • Animating: After thinking about how I wanted to present the submarine, I looked for inspiration and found a tutorial from Mobox, which I followed.
  • Rendering of animation: 24 hours for 500ish frames in 1920x1080; importing the stills in After Effects to render out the final animation

Programs used: Cinema4D, After Effects, Photoshop


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